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Bathroom Shower DSC-SP5

  • DSC-SP5
  • 45 DAYS
Model NumberDSC-SP5-7.0 / DSC-SP5-8.8
Product name:Bathroom shower
Power cable4.0mm² - 6.0mm²
Power (W)7.0 KW / 8.8 KW
Pressure (Mpa)0.03-0.6
Voltage (V)220V ~50HZ

◆ Adopting the ninth generation "DSC single crystal shield" non-metallic core electric heating technology, water and electricity separation, thermal efficiency as high as 98.5%, and no scale formation;

◆ Compact appearance, easy for you to install, ultra-thin body, small space occupation;

◆ Smart chip accurately controls temperature, keeps constant temperature faster and more accurate, quickly regulates water temperature, and monitors temperature changes in real time;

◆ Intelligent memory function, eliminating the trouble of setting up every time you turn on;

◆ No water storage, no preheating, live water heating, avoid bathing with sewage, and add a piece of health to your life;

◆ LED digital display, accurate water temperature display;

◆ Gently touch the operation button to set and adjust, the response is sensitive, the operation is simple and convenient;

◆ Use high-quality materials to manufacture high-end products. The shower screen shell is made of SUS304 stainless steel as a whole, with good sealing performance, stylish and noble,

     Concise and generous, enhance the frontal strength, exquisite workmanship, anti-corrosion, anti-rust, easy to clean, high temperature resistance;

◆ Two water outlet modes are available for you to choose from, top spray and hand shower, making your bathing feel more comfortable.



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