Appliances for Your Morning, Noon and Night

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Whether you’re whipping up breakfast or sumptuous dinner for your family, you rely on the small appliances in your kitchen to help you create meals, beverages, and more. To make a rich and varied meal, we, there’s a small appliance in every corner of your kitchen.

Juicers & Blenders

The powerful blender or juicer helps you produce a refreshing smoothie or juice or soy milk. Fine dining can also help you completei it well, without breaking the nutrition of the food, such as baby food supplement, ground meat.


SENKEMA Multifunctional Kitchenaid Food Blender Mixer/Food Processor with Heating 1.75L Blue ZH-889

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SENKEMA Multifunctional Houseware Manual Food Blender for Smoothie/Baby Food 1.75L Red ZH-658A

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When you are used to having slice of toast and milk for breakfast every day, you’ll be happy that you have a toaster in your kitchen.


Frank Toaster FK-1917-2

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Frank Toaster FK-1917-3

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A cooker is the ultimate time saver in the kitchen, and when you use a rice cooker or slow cooker to make your meals, dinner is on the table without a lot of extra effort.

Rice Cooker R1

MeiYun Houseware Rice Cooker/Electric Food Heater R1

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Rice Cooker TT03

Qiaokungfu Low Sugar Electric Rice Cooker 5L TT03-GG

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Freshly steamed food retains its deliciousness, and proper heat can lock the nutrition of the food, and with a steamer you can add delicious sides to any meal quickly and easily.


Frank Food Steamer FK-0903 

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Frank Food Steamer FK-0401

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If your family watch a football match or having a party, you want to prepare healthier french fries or fried chicken wings, etc. You can choose a fryer, less oil and fast, for your family make a health night dishes.


ZHIXING Air Fryer AF-08D

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RENFA 11L Rotisserie AirFryer Black RA-131

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