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Double Sink Dishwasher WMX5-1

Process: handmade Net weight: 29 kg Power consumption: 0.5KWh Material: 304 stainless steel Normal water pressure: 0.02 ~ 1MPa Power supply type: 220 ~ V, 50HZ Rated power: 2000 Product size: 900 * 510 * 500mm Hole size: 870 * 480mm Heating method: inlet pump heating (integrated) Water consumption for washing dishes: 8L ~ 9L Capacity: 11 small bowls, 7 dishes, 2 soup bowls, 4 cups, some dishes, some chopsticks spoon
  • WMX5-1

Process: handmade 
Net weight: 29 kg 
Power consumption: 0.5KWh 
Material:304 stainless steel 
Normal water pressure: 0.02 ~ 1MPa 
Power supply type:220 ~ V, 50HZ 
Rated power:2000 
Product size: 900 * 510 * 500mm 
Hole size:  870 * 480mm 
Heating method:inlet pump heating (integrated) 
Water consumption for washing dishes: 8L ~ 9L 
Capacity: 11 small bowls, 7 dishes, 2 soup bowls, 4 cups, some dishes, some chopsticks spoon

1.Trinity of dishwashing, disinfection and drying

2. Ultrasonic cleaning seafood fruits and vegetables to remove pesticide residues, dishes cleaning and disinfection drying

3. One more ultrasonic vibrator than traditional sink dishwasher, large capacity sink on the left to meet daily needs, dishwasher on the right, save space

4. Touch screen control, simple operation 

5. Breathing function, make the tank air cleaner, prevent secondary pollution and siphon



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