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Electric Glass Slow Cooker Red/White 3.5L OKW-201E

1. The pot gall is all glass, food and water only contact with the glass, do not release, do not absorb, soup, soup, stew, boil traditional Chinese medicine are original, average 4 hours water loss rate less than 1% 
2. Intelligent function setting, the process of cooking soup fire, medium fire, small fire all intelligent, easy to do with a key, you can make an appointment.
  • OKW-201E
  • $23-71
  • 1000 Units
  • 30 days

electric slow cooker detail

Model: OKW - 201E

Capacity: 3.5L/5L

Color: red, white

Voltage: 220V

Frequency: 50Hz

Net weight: 2.8KG/3.6KG

Power: 300W/350W

Product size: 320*280*300mm

1. Intelligent heat regulation, simmer a key to complete!

2. Healthy borosilicate glass liner, safe and non-toxic!

3. Scheduled appointment, convenient operation

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