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Keeping your home’s temperature at a level that’s comfortable isn’t always as simple as turning up the thermostat or opening a window. You need a plan for heating and cooling to keep the entire family relaxed and comfortable.


How can you warm your home in the cold winter? A portable heater can be placed anywhere. Your family can enjoy a warm blast of air in low temperature.


SUNCA Houseware Portable Ceramic Heater Fan SF-3283A 

* For bathroom use
* Portable design for easy manoeuvre
* Multiple installations on desk and wall-mount
* High power and low power heating mode
* Independent cooling fan mode
* Detachable metal rail for hanging and drying towels
* Dual overheat protection and IP23 waterproof rating

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When the heat of summer hits, there’s a fan to cool every room in your home. You can choose an electric fan or cooling tower that oscillates so you can target different hot spots, or bring a hand-held fan with outdoor to cool down.


WorldFan Industrial Type Metal Materials Business Floor Fan Silver

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Reffon 16 Inch Deluxe Pedestal Fan Metal Plated Stand Fan

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Yingjian Portable Handheld Summer Air Cooling Mini Fan HJ-5028 

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Evaporative coolers

The greener way to cool a room, an evaporative cooler will add a chill to your air using a natural evaporative cooling effect. You just add water, plug it into a standard outlet, and enjoy a cool stream of air.


Howmandy Evaporative Air Cooler KAKA-3

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SUNCA Evaporative Air Cooler Fan 35L 


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Howmandy Water Evaporative Cooling KAKA-6

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When you add heating and cooling equipment to your new home, you need to consider the area and usage of the new home. Purchasing according to your own needs is the best choice.

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