How to Choose the Best Electric Kettle for Seniors

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When you choose an electric kettle for a senior family member or an arthritic friend, it’s important to think about the feature, because the best using experience is more important than the feature. That’s is 10 list to know it.

1. Weight. The weight of electric kettle is one of the most important factors to consider. Because the physical strength of the senior will gradually become weaker with age, and the bearing capacity of objects gradually decreases. Studies have shown that burns are mostly caused by hot liquids rather than flames.

2. Automatic Shut-Off Mode. The kettle should automatically shut itself off if someone accidentally leaves it on. Because you can’t be sure that people will notice if the hot water is boiling.

3. BPA-Free. BPA is a chemical used to produce plastic materials. The interior of the pot (where the water boils) should be stainless steel or glass.  

4. Concealed Heating Elements. The heating element of the electric kettle should not be exposed to the air to make the kettle as safe as possible during use.

5. Sturdy Base. A stable base is an essential feature for you to consider because it holds the heating element. The kettle should have a non-skid foundation for safety and to help it to withstand daily use.

6. Drip-Free Spout. The electric kettle should choose drip-free spout, reduce the occurrence of hot water scalds.

7. Small Size. A compact size usually means the overall weight of the pot will be low. Those large 12-cup kettles can get heavy when filled with water!

8. Stay-Cool Handle. The handle needs to be insulated and designed not to get hot when in use.

9. Water Gauge. It can be useful to know how much liquid someone is drinking throughout the day.

10. Cordless. Consider getting a cordless kettle to make it easy for seniors to carry and prevent tangling when pouring hot water.

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