One Piece vs Two Piece Toilet. | Which Is Better?

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One-Piece Good But Two-Piece Isn’t Necessarily Bad

When a one-piece and a two-piece toilet are placed side by side, which will you choose? 

Without geting in cost and feature, one-piece toilet always is winner. One piece toilet is better in appearance, it has a modern feel. But someone for the pragmatic, they think two-piece toilet is more suitable for use.

So what are the benefits and value between the two?

It will depend on how you prioritize your needs and which one benefits you the most.

Both designs have their drawbacks even though they may have the same performance level. So understanding the pros and cons will help you decide on a toilet that’s right for your home and your budget.


One-piece or two-piece toilet. Have you decided which one is more suitable for you?

Let’s recap what has been discussed.

One-Piece Toilet


· Aesthetic design, with modern family bathroom

· Easy to clean and up keep

· Don't worry about water leakage

· No connection parts, more durable

· Compact size, space-saving bathroom


· The toilet or water tank cannot be replaced separately

· Heavy and bulky to install

· Higher price

Two-Piece Toilet


· Water tank and toilet can be installed separately, the volume is more compact

· The toilet tank and bowl can be replaced individually

· Lower cost


· Need to clean the area where the tank joins to the bowl. And it’s difficult to thoroughly clean the joining area without removing the tank.

· Joining area attracts dirt, grime and bacteria.

· Water will leak out of the tank when the rubber seal starts to deteriorate.

· Not as sleek looking as the one-piece model.

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