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As far as personal care small appliances are concerned, we can also break down from the gender level into more specific men's personal care small appliances, women's personal care small appliances and general personal care small appliances.


There are relatively few household appliances for men's personal care, including electric shavers, nose hair trimmers, and electric clippers.


There are relatively many small household appliances for women's personal care, which are mainly focused on personal care appliances for beauty. There are many small appliances for personal beauty care. Small appliances for removing spots include beauty sonicators and laser beautifiers; small appliances for moisturizing include beauty steamers; small appliances for hair care include hair dryer combs, hair straighteners and negative ion hair straighteners; Pore cleaners for pore care: teeth brighteners for tooth care; ear cleaners for ear care; hand wax machines for keeping hand moisture; others also nose hair trimmers, perm eyelash curlers Wait for more avant-garde products.


General personal care small appliances can be used by family members, including hair dryers, irons, electronic toothbrushes, electronic massage chairs, air fresheners, etc.


Some people say that the intelligent era has made people lazier. Indeed, even the delicate tasks of washing face and ears can now be done by machine. This makes some people feel helpless.


At the same time, more people are fortunate about this. Fortunately, we are ushering in the era of intelligence, so that those things that we felt very cumbersome and uncontrollable in the past have become less troublesome and can be accurately controlled.


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