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TEAMPLUS ELECTRIC APPLIANCE CO., LTD. is located in the world home appliance manufacturing brand Zhongshan, Guangdong Province, is a collection of development, production, sales, service in one of the professional home appliance manufacturing enterprises.Lixin focuses on the research, development and manufacturing of ventilated environment electrical products, mainly tower fans, floor fans, table fans, heaters and other creative home appliances.Products are sold in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, France, Germany, Italy, the United States, Mexico, Spain, etc. Relying on the strong R & D strength of the company to constantly open up new ideas, always provide customers with high quality and efficient intimate service.

Quality is our eternal pursuit.As a manufacturer with ISO9001 quality and quantity system certification and BSCI certification, our company has a production workshop of 4000 square meters, a daily production capacity of 3000 sets, more than 40% technical employees, front-end engineering developers, with 2 mobile production lines, multiple groups of temperature testers, automatic temperature rise testers, glow-heat testers and other professional testing equipment.Self-built mute test room, life test room, independent sample assembly room and so on.And has obtained CE/CB/ RoHS /ERP/GP and other international certification.In addition, constantly break through innovation in the management model.On the real realization of standardization, procedure, standardization.

Products are our core competitiveness, each product from the design and development, processing and production to release sales are to perform strict standards, strict control of quality, innovative, fully integrated smart home science, presenting a new experience of technological innovation home.At present, we have developed more than 20 types of tower fan series products to meet different consumer needs, and take the market as the guidance, promote the continuous innovation of technology, and constantly improve the quality of products and services, and devote ourselves to creating customers' satisfaction products.



    TEAMPLUS 30" Tower Fan KOLEM

※30" Tower fan
※ Unit size:220*220*770 mm
※ Power:220-240V/50Hz 45W
※Slim unique design with 2 in 1 panel design for switch and timer
※ 2 hours Timer
※ Strong airflow and Lower noise
※ Power cord storage at the back
※ With 3 speeds setting
※ Motor overheat protection
※ With widespread oscillation
※ Body material:ABS

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  TEAMPLUS 16" Mini Tower Fan TAKI

※ 16" mini tower fan
※ Rotary Switch with 3 speeds setting
※Oscillating (Left and Right)
※No assembly need, convenient in use
※Comfortable airflow with Low noise
※Cute streamline design, fashionable and elegant, a perfect gift for family and friends

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TEAMPLUS 33" Tower Fan with Remote Control YODA RC 

※ 33" Tower Fan with remote control
※ Unit size:210*210*838mm
※ Power: 220-240V/50Hz 45W
※ Full function and temperature shown on big LED screen
※ 12 hours timer
※ With 3 speeds setting:Low/Mid/High
※ With 3 wind mode: Normal/ Nature/ Sleep
※ Strong airflow and lower noise
※ Motor overheat protection
※ With widespread oscillation

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TEAMPLUS Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.

Add: The 2nd building of No.12, Zhaoxing street,Zhaoyi road, Dongsheng town, Zhongshan city, Guangdong province, China.

Phone: 86-18924832627

WhatsApp: hdjxc001

E- mail: davidji@teamplus-tech.com

Website: http://www.teamplus-tech.com

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