The 10 Beauty Equipment of 2020

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Beauty equipment is almost a household name. Compared with the industry leader in the beauty industry, beauty equipment occupies an indispensable position, and we all know that the rapid development of the history of science and technology in recent decades if only rely on some skincare It's almost impossible to look old. Therefore, the emergence of beauty equipment today has the necessity of the times, and it has also made epoch-making changes in the beauty industry.

Next, our HC will recommend several hot-selling beauty equipments for you. If you are interested, please contact us!

5 in 1 electric clipper YD-268

RIKE Multifunctional 5-in-1 Electric Hair Clipper YD-268

With the cutter head and limit comb, create a stylish personality

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electric clipper YD-006

RIKE Electric Clipper YD-006

Rechargeable battery: 2.4V battery pack AA, 600mAH

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Electric shaver YD-198

RIKE Electric Shaver YD-198

Small and portable, ready to use washable LED indicator

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Electric nose hair knife YD-203

RIKE Electric Nose Hair Knife YD-203

Easily rotate trimming 360-degree all-round shaving

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Electric shaver YD-368

RIKE Electric Shaver YD-398

Body wash, wet and dry,charging indicator,Smooth knife net

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Callus Remover YD-501

RIKE Callus Remover YD-501

2 x rollers(fine and coarse),Protective cap,Waterproof

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Electric shaver YD-777

RIKE Electric shaver YD-777

Removable washing head,Floating veneer system

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Compact Trimmer YD-160

RIKE Compact Trimmer YD-160

With charging indicator,With Li-ion battery,with over-charge protection

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Electric Foot Grinder YD-510

RIKE Electric Foot Grinder YD-510

Say goodbye to manual pedicure and return your tender feet

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Black suction head instrument YD-805

RIKE Black suction head instrument YD-805

Clear blackheads and acne in the corners of the nose

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