When it's hot, help your refrigerator keep its cool !

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In hot weather, a humming refrigerator may begin to stress when the temperature rises and humidity is high. The refrigerator must work harder to keep the food fresh. At the same time, you can also do some simple things to keep the food fresh.

To ensure food safety, the refrigerator should keep the temperature 35-38 degrees Fahrenheit, while the refrigerator should be maintained temperature of 0 degrees. Set temperature is too high will have bad food risks, and set too low will be a waste of energy.

Keep it clean and allow free air to flow to the condenser. Clean the capacitor coil with a brush or vacuum cleaner every year to remove dust, lint or other accumulations to ensure the best performance.

Give it space. Keeping some distance between the refrigerator and the wall allows the air to circulate freely and better distribute the heat of condensation.

Keep it airtight. Over time, gaskets and seals may leak. To test the refrigerator door, put a piece of paper on the door frame and close the door. If it can be pulled out easily, the seal or gasket may need to be replaced.

Keep food covered. Cover the liquid and package the food before storing.

Defrost frequently. If you unfortunately have a manually defrosted refrigerator, please do not allow the frost to accumulate more than a quarter of an inch.

Finally, replacing an energy-saving refrigerator is the most practical and efficient method.

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