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About Mingbo[Provide the perfect hot water solution for home]

Zhongshan Mingbo Electric Co., Ltd. is located in Guangdong Province, known as the hometown of Quyi (Cantonese Opera) and the hometown of overseas Chinese. It has maintained the 5th largest economic aggregate in Guangdong for many years, and is known as Shunde, Nanhai and Dongguan together Zhongshan, a small tiger.It is a high-quality enterprise focusing on manufacturing gas water heaters, which is widely used in small household appliances and kitchen appliances.

Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to the corporate philosophy of "providing the perfect hot water solution for the family", constantly upgrading and optimizing its products and management system to provide consumers with quality products and good services. With many years of production history and experience, Zhongshan Mingbo Electric Co., Ltd. has been recognized by the industry for its integrity, strength and product quality. Zhongshan Mingbo Electric Co., Ltd. welcomes cooperation with friends from all walks of life to create brilliant.

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Instantaneous Gas Water Heater

MingBo Instantaneous Gas Water Heater

White panel, simple and elegant.Digital temperature display, water temperature at a glance.

Oxygen-free copper water tank has higher thermal efficiency and large flow water-air linkage valve.

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Flue Type Gas Water Heater F Series

MingBo Flue Type Gas Water Heater

White painted panel, simple and elegant. Digital temperature display, water temperature at a glance. Temperature control mode in winter and summer.

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Zhongshan Mingbo Electric Co., Ltd.

Address:No. 61 Dongfu 4th Road, Dongfeng Town, Zhongshan, Guangdong, China




Homepage Addresshttp://www.i-mingbo.com

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